Historical Background - Venetian - Ottoman - Modern Times

Skyros was owned by the Venetians after the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) by the Crusaders (1204) and was granted, along with other islands in the family Gizi.At The end of the 14th century was occupied by the Turks and remained under their rule until 1402 when Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, in accordance with the treaty signed with the Byzantines in 1402, attributed it to Byzantium, along with Skiathos and Skopelos.

After the fall of Constantinople (Istanbul) by Moameth II (1453) it joined the colonial state of Venice. But during the first Venetian-Turkish War (1463-1479), Skyros, which was still in the hands of the Venetians, was burned by the Turkish fleet, which failed to capture the castle. In 1538, when Barbarossa Hayreddin conducted raids in the Aegean, Skyros subjugated and was forced to pay an annual tax of 2000 gold coins.

During the Venetian-Turkish War (1645-1669),the island returned the Venetians for a few years (between 1652 & 1669) and then untill the Greek Revolution, the Turkish domination continued on the island. During the Orlov (1770-1774) that sea area around Skyros, which had been released by the Russians, was controlled by the Russian fleet. In the war of 1821 the presence of Skyrian maritime and land operations has been remarkable and the island became a haven for refugees.

During the 18th century there was development of community institutions and economic life. A school was founded in 1825 under the care of the abbot of the monastery of St. George Neophytou.


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