Island of Inspiration & Tradition

George Theotokas writes : “Skyros saved me . She was the one that I needed it more than anything else, the intense whipping of the soul …. I’ll never forget the feeling of absolute freedom that gave me this island , the parched and lit up, gave me so much intense when I went and swam in a beautiful sandy beach , alone amid sun , sea and air. Moments of excitement amid nature and solitude , perhaps the greatest … “( G. Theotokas ” Calendar ” Argo ” and ” Demon” “)

Seferis , people say , that he found Pergiali hidden in a sandy beach of Skyros and many artists , such as A. Tassos with the “Skyrian Pitcher”, Dimitris Giannoukakis with the “Monastery of Skyros”, Costas Plakotaris with the “Skyros”, Valias Semertzidis with eight engravings on Skyros and others.
From the company of tourists stand out Oscar Gouailt , George Drosinis and John Tsarouhis .

Rupert Brooke (Rupert Brooke), an English poet and traveler of the world , had a passion for women , love and the southern seas . He sacrificed his life for the ideals described in the poems . He classified a volunteer in the Royal Navy. During that period he was on the Greek Islands , which were used as bases by the English Royal Navy, fell ill and died . On his grave is a tombstone of a Greek inscription : ” Here lies a servant of god , second officer of the British Navy , who died for the liberation of Constantinople by the Turks .”

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