Skyrian Folk Art

Skyros is one of the islands that developed remarkable folk art , and that’s the main reason why Angeliki Hatzimichalis got involved with it from an early age. The products of local island crafts became so widely known , that many times every artistic creation resembling the style to be called Skyrian . The main crafts that flourished particularly in the island are the ones of embroidery, the carpentry and pottery making.

The woodcuts include stools of various sizes and styles , made from local black mulberry foremost, but also white . The stools are quite small , because the houses were small , but very comfortable to use and very sturdy . It should be noted that these together with tripods , ie small tables were the only furniture of houses of the ruling class . Also woodcuts were many types of trunks , sofas, thrones , etc.

The woodcuts of Skyros date back to the Byzantine era and their main decoration consists of double-headed eagles , human figures , geometric designs , birds and mythological animals , dragons , etc.

Needlework : In Skyros embroidery , and household handicrafts , were primarily intended for individual use. There are two types of embroidery : a) embroidery to decorate the costume ( male and female ) , and b ) embroideries for decoration home (sheets , pillows , headboards , etc. ) . The second is the richest ornaments and more complex in their composition .

The motifs are spaced from one another and form a single composition, which fills the entire surface.




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