Over the village of Chora, on top of the rock, dominates the Byzantine fortress, built on the ancient citadel of the 5th century. In The citadel there have been found traces of buildings dated back to the Bronze Age. In the fortress, a fortified monastery of St. George of Skyros has been built. Inside the castle is the church of the Assumption, built in 895 AD A wide road, which the locals call it Megali Strata (Big Road), leads down to the village of Chora from the Castle.

The town has an archaeological and historical folklore museum. The archaeological museum is one of the first local Historical – Folklore Museums of Greece. It Includes excavations of the southern island of Skyros, collections of ceramics and sculptures from the Mycenaean, Roman and Byzantine era. The folklore museum was founded in 1964 by the Faltaits family and was housed in their old family mansion, whose roots are lost in Byzantium. The museum overlooks the North edge of the island, built on the biggest tower of the ancient Pelasgian walls of the island-the Paleopirgos. The location was once an ancient temple.

The Museum is one of the most vibrant cultural institutions in Greece.It Also stands out for the combination of innovative and pioneering way that interacts with the younger audiances. Through volunteering it combines theory with practice.

It includes items of traditional and contemporary folk art, a library and an art gallery. It was created to save the Skyros traditional heritage and to pass on the message that the Present and the Future should be attached to tradition.

In the village of Chora there are also several Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. The most important ones are the churches of Archodopanayia near the Castle, the church of Our Lady of Eleimonitria, the churche of Our Lady of Theodore and brigades. At the northern end of the country is the square of the Eternal Poetry, where is located a bronze statue of the British poet Roumpert Brooke, whose tomb is located in Three Boukes in the southern part of the island.

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