Skyrian Horse

The Skyrian horse (Equus Cabalus Skyriano) is a special Greek horse race. Its roots reach in antiquity , where it was the dominant race all over the Greek area .

It is likely to have common roots with the Horse of Pindos . It is considered a descendant of the horses of Achilles , who he took along and used in the Trojan war . This durable breed is pictured on the Parthenon frieze. Another important moment throughout the centuries is their use in the campaigns of Alexander the Great.

Their characteristic feature is their small height of just 110 cm. Their powerful , strong and sturdy body is ideal for threshing and plowing the farmland. In the past during the time of harvesting horse racing took place.A popular celebration with a special ritual. The riders were running races without saddle and bridle! After completion of the feast horses were left freely at Kochlaka until May.

In the 60’s these customs were abandoned. The use of agricultural machinery led to the horses’ population decline and were classified as an endangered species.

Until this day Skyrians are struggling to eliminate the risk of the Skyrian horse extinction.

The Skyros horse, is a blessed existence covering the ages with power and beauty and it belongs to most rare horse breeds in the world and lives only in Skyros!

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