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We are waiting for you by the sea with local cuisine and ouzo mezedes, all cooked with mastery

Yiorgis & Kostis

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  • Restaurant Name: “Istories Barba “
  • Owner: George & Kostas Chiotis
  • Telephone: 2222 091453
  • Molos, Skyros, 34007
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A few words about Barba (old man) that we did not know but we all loved from the moment we arrived at Skyros, even only through stories. On the waves, in the center of the Aegean on the island of Skyros in the enchanting Molos, Barbas lived up to a few years ago. He was born in 1917. He was a professional fisherman because he could not have been anything else. All his life was dependent on the sea, even his own home.
When he did not fish, he was sitting with his cat drinking wine and telling stories that he seemed to relive. Those who heard him traveled with his words in his own time.
Since 2006, George and Kostis, when Barbas was gone, but having the deeply rooted heart and soul of their heart, they have undertaken to recreate with passion his former home, making a warm island hug with homemakers mezedes and wine.
Here, gazing at the Aegean (very often, you think the wave will touch your plate) is sure that your stories will sound again and you will travel to other more pure seasons, when you did not need facebook to do companies…

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